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Medicare Plan For You

Get the Right Medicare Plan For You

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Get the Right Medicare Plan For You

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Medicare Health Plans for Your Needs and Budget

What is Medicare?
Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people in the U.S. who are 65 and older as well as some younger people with disabilities. Medicare is a different program than Medicaid, which offers health and other services to eligible low-income people of all ages.

What is Medicare Supplement?
Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, works alongside Medicare Part A & B and can help pay for certain out-of-pocket costs like Co-Insurance and Deductibles.

What is Medigap?
Medigap, also called Medicare Supplement Insurance, is health insurance coverage provided by private companies designed to pay for costs not covered by original Medicare.

What is Medicare Advantage?
Medicare Advantage Plans are another way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” are offered by Medicare-approved private companies that must follow rules set by Medicare. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include drug coverage (Part D).

What are Medicare’s Prescription Drug Plans?
Medicare offers prescription drug coverage for everyone with Medicare. This coverage is called “Part D.” There are 2 ways to get a Medicare prescription drug coverage. The first way is to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and the second way is to join a Medicare Advantage Plan like a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plan or Special Needs Plan (SNP) or another Medicare health plan (like a Medicare Cost Plan).

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